Program/Project Management Solutions

XRiver Technologies has extensive experience in developing custom scheduling solutions and integrating off-the-shelf scheduling software with your internal/legacy systems.  Our project management/scheduling experts can work with you to define and design the system and interfaces required to meet your needs.  XRiver has provided numerous state and local agencies with enterprise-oriented Program and Project Management Systems (PPMS) that were designed to meet each agency's unique schedule, funding, cost, and resource management requirements.  Our staff has worked with a wide variety of commercially available scheduling products (such as Planisware, Primavera, Artemis Project Scheduler, Microsoft Project, etc.) – from both an integration and facilitation perspective.

The basic design of the PPMS concept is flexible enough to be implemented around any one of a wide variety of commercially available scheduling products and configure or integrate those tools in your overall solution.  Although most commercially available scheduling products provide solid scheduling features, they rarely meet the unique and complex information management needs of large state and local agencies who must manage the work of thousands of personnel on hundreds of projects each year for multi-million dollar roadway improvement programs.  Capital planning on the DOT scale is a complex, matrix-oriented process. The core PPMS concept is to organize and provide these complex data access, presentation, and functions required by each DOT agency to the various functional user groups of the system. Typical user groups include executive management, program managers, project managers, functional managers, task managers, and outside contractors.

In addition to the core PPMS capabilities, we have provided several functional-oriented components to various agencies. These include modules for real estate acquisition management, utilities/railroad relocation management, environmental management, and local funds management. These extensions support specialty work areas and provide a fully integrated means for storing and viewing more detailed project information and improved scheduling and control for the overall project and program.

XRiver has a proven track record with a wide variety of commercially available scheduling products.   Although most commercially available scheduling products provide solid scheduling features, integrating them with other applications can be cumbersome and complicated. . Using an innate knowledge of CPM schedule data structures and algorithms, our team can help you develop and build the necessary bridges and interfaces to your schedule data – at the database level or using the vendor-provided APIs.

Depending on your unique scheduling requirements, you may not find an off-the-shelf package that fits the bill. In this case, XRiver Technologies can work with you to develop a custom scheduling application specifically designed to meet your needs. As an example, for our home county, XRiver Technologies developed the Athletic Facilities Scheduling System to manage user requests for county-owned field and gym usage. This system handles over 10,000 annual community user group requests for bulk sport/seasonal allocation, assignment, and use permit generation.

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