Planisware Services

XRiver Technologies  provides the enterprise-level Planisware software and associated consulting support in the configuration and use of the latest Planisware software suite.  We currently provide a wide range of Planisware software and/or services to  clients in government contracting, transportation planning and  construction management, pharmacological/clinical trial management, and new product development.

Software Sales: XRiver Technologies is an authorized reseller of the Planisware software to Federal, State and Local government clients. We  can work with you to determine the proper licensing model and configuration needed to meet your goals.

Implementation Consulting:  Working with the customer’s project leader and project sponsors, XRiver will analyze business processes and develop configuration requirements. Where business process documents do not exist, XRiver will facilitate the analysis, documentation, and review of these processes, which will become the configuration requirements for Planisware.

Configuration Support:  XRiver will work hand-in-hand with business units, IT services, and functional groups to create data structures, rules, and process-flows to best meet the overall business objectives of the client.

Tailored Training:  We will develop solutions-based training in all aspects of Planisware use and the full complement of Planisware products, including advanced workshops.

Parametric Estimating (Algorithm) Development:  XRiver can facilitate the collection of rules and then develop customized scripts, functions, and reference tables to create, load and verify the rule base needed for the Planisware Algorithm engine. This can be used to capture a scheduling knowledgebase and automatically generate fully resource loaded project schedules. Click this Case Study link to the Planisware website to to view a recorded webinar of how XRiver implemented algorithms for the Michigan DOT. 

PEX Report Generation:  XRiver can create tabular, graphical, and text-based reports focusing on function-specific data across multiple portfolios as well as detailed time-driven information from specific studies and projects

To learn more about the XRiver Technologies’ Planisware Services, please download our brochure or contact a Sales Representative to learn more today.